Macey + Danny

Welcome friends, we’re so glad you’re here. We are a Georgia girl and an Oklahoma guy who met and married in Orlando, Florida a little over half a decade ago. We can quote just about every episode of the office, we love our dog Kota like she’s our child, and are always mentally planning our next trip (we’ve collectively been to 34 states + 11 countries).

We are passionate about stories and believe everyone has a story worth telling. We’ve been in the photography game together for over six years, and while it’s been a wild ride, at the end of the day we’re so thankful for each person we’ve met along the way.

Thank you for stopping by. We’re so glad our paths have crossed and we hope to have the honor of telling your story someday. Be sure to say hello! Contact us HERE.




+Lover of hats, dogs, and buzzfeed quizzes.

+Black Coffee & Red Wine always.

+Enneagram 2w1. Gryffindor. ENFJ.

+Born in Powder Springs, Georgia.

+Cold weather is the best weather. #WinterIsComing

+Titanic is the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time.

+Plants and birds make me happy.

+Wannabe Interior Designer.


+Big Nap Guy.

+Enneagram 9w1. Ravenclaw. INFP.

+Maker of Margs. Drinker of Margs.

+Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

+Ready to talk NBA.

+Knows a thing or two about golf.

+Proud of his shoe collection.

+Spends his free time watering plants.




+James Bay.

+Dermot Kennedy.

+Mumford and Sons.

+Bon Iver.


+Manchester Orchestra.

+Post Malone.

+The Head and the Heart.

+Jonas Brothers.

+Sleeping At Last.


+Ireland, all of it.

+Florence, Italy.

+Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

+Paris, France.

+New York City.

+Rome, Italy.

+Orlando, Florida.

+Normandy, France.

+Savannah, Georgia.

+Atlanta (obviously).


+The Office.

+Game of Thrones.

+Breaking Bad.


+The Bachelor.

+Schitt’s Creek.

+NBA Games.


+Queer Eye.

+Broad City.