Brandon + Karissa.

Social Media takes a lot of work when trying to run a business. We pay next to nothing for formal advertising, so it's an understatement to say we rely a lot on our social media outlets. We study our past posts to see what works and what doesn't and we learn more about our target audience with each image that goes online. 

We try a lot of different tactics to get our work in front of potential clients. Those includes: only posting during high internet traffic hours, certain days of the week and of course the infamous hashtags.  

A lot of times it seems like a ton of work with little outcome. is all worth it when we get one of those e-mails from an incredible couple who found us through a hashtag on Instagram! 

Brandon + Karissa (check them out at @DualExploration!) are the real deal. These two are some of the coolest cats that we've had the honor of working with and we're completely stoked to share a look into their session with all of you.