Cameron + Meredith || Engagement.

This one is so special to me. You see, Meredith and I were super close friends as kids up until middle school when my family decided to move to Orlando. Years went by and we hardly ever got the chance to talk and definitely didn't get to see each fast-forward 10+ years and we're back in the ATL photographing her engagement photos with her amazing new fiance' Cameron. 

M + C, we love you guys like whoa and are honored to call you our friends. We are so excited for you as you start this new chapter in your lives and we CANNOT WAIT to have a front row seat at one of the most special days of your life this fall. You two are sheer perfection and we're stoked to show off these photographs. 

Ps, this was supposed to be an engagement session, but really it just turned into the two of them taking the time to show us around the city we all love. These two literally gave us insight on all of the best spots in midtown and suggested some of the greatest restaurants. We walked for so long, Cameron even called an uber for the four of us to get back to where we parked. Haha! (Thanks so much guys for making us feel so welcome in our new hometown, you two are the greatest....and I truly mean that!) 

Cameron + Meredith || Atlanta, Georgia.