Tilton Family.

Can I just give a gigantic shoutout to all of the families/couples that have stuck with my growing business since the very beginning?! I started as a 16 year old with a brand new Nikon D5000 (with little knowledge on how to actually work it) and a passion for turning moments into lasting memories. I have a handful of friends and clients who let me practice my skills as a beginner and now have stuck with me over these past seven years as my passion and knowledge of this beautiful art have grown. I'm tremendously thankful for the people who have supported, encouraged and helped my business over time. You guys are the real MVP.....like seriously, THANK YOU. 

This family is one of those families. // Stephen + Ruth were my very first wedding back in 2010 and now six years later here we are shooting their family of four (and one on the way!)

Lifestyle Family Session || Lake Louisa State Park.