Session tips. 

we know preparing for a photo session can be exciting, stressful, confusing and maybe even a bit of a chore. BUT, we wanted to take a few minutes to give you some ideas, pointers, helpful tips and advice on how to make the most of our time together (and have fun while doing it!) 

What to wear.


The number one question we get when our clients are preparing for their session is "What should we wear?!", so I wanted to give you a few things to think about when choosing your look. 


SAY NO TO MATCHING // Gone are the days of all white t-shirts and jeans on a family of six. I always encourage my clients to choose a scheme with colors + patterns that compliment each other well. Pinterest has some great color palettes to start your planning! Click HERE for some inspiration!


SAY YES TO NEUTRALS // Some colors photograph much better than others. Bright pinks, lime greens, and other bold colors will reflect onto skin and aren't as flattering on camera. I always recommend for couples + families to try to stick to more muted tones like: grey, navy blues, creams, black, maroon, army green, or any neutral/muted colors. 


HAIR + MAKEUP // You've invested a lot of your time and money into our photo session together, why not invest in looking your absolute best? We all know that cameras make us look a bit washed out, so even your regular makeup routine may look like you have little to no makeup on at all in your pictures (#thestruggle). To get the most out of your photos, I always recommend getting your hair & makeup professionally done (if possible), or wearing more makeup than you normally would on a regular basis. You may feel silly with the extra contour or lashes, but I promise will look incredible on camera!  


DO'S + DONT'S // Try adding layers or accessories for additional texture to make your images more visually appealing.   Avoid logos, phrases and anything else that can date your images and create a distraction from your faces. 


SHOPPING // Stuck on where to start? With countless options out there I know finding the perfect outfit can seem like a daunting task. Here are a few of my favorite places: H&M, Old Navy, Anthropologie, Target, Free People, Cotton On. Express


during your session.


We know being in front of the camera isn't at the top of most people's resume. I get it. I don't particularly like having my picture taken either, BUT, I'm here to help and it's not only our job, but our personal mission to help you feel as comfortable as possible during our time together. Here are a few things to keep in mind during your session:

IT MAY FEEL AWKWARD // To be completely honest, you will most likely feel a little awkward at first, especially if it's been a while since you've had photos done. And guess what? THAT IS OK. I'm not expecting you to break out in killer pose after pose. We do this all the time, but I try to constantly remind myself that this is not something my clients are used to doing. So kick back, relax and enjoy the ride. We have a very laid-back, conversational way of shooting. We like to get to know our clients as we photograph them and not worry too much about stiff posing. We'll direct you into natural movements and encourage you to communicate and engage with your fiance/family/spouse (who ever you're with!) in a fun, flirty and natural way.

PDA IS ALWAYS ENCOURAGED //  I'm a hopeless romantic which is why Danny and I always strive for intimacy in our work. Whether it be an engagement session or a wedding.....we are firm believers that moments are what truly matter. Perfection is silly and a stiff portrait is not ever what we aim for. Our goal is to capture your love in a way that is not only authentic, but raw. Nothing makes me happier than to be photographing a couple so madly in love they can't keep their hands off each other. Those are my people. Those are the ones that keep me going when endless hours of editing can be daunting. That is where art is found and where my passion fully thrives. There is such beauty in intimacy and it is an honor to be able to capture just a fraction of that love between my couples. || I say all of that to say.....clients, don't be afraid to take our time together and turn it into one of the sweetest dates you've ever been on. In fact, I encourage you to treat it that way. Give him that kiss....pull her in extra close...look into each other's eyes and remember what it was like to fall in love with them. Let loose, get flirty, whisper something sweet in their ear. It not only makes my job easier, but it will make your photographs that much more special. I'll help along the way, but ultimately, I want you to forget that I'm even there (even if I'm standing 5 feet away with a huge smile on my face...) 

PERFECTION IS OVERRATED // I know it's easy to get embarrassed when one of your kids is having a meltdown in the middle of the session, but can I fill you in on a little secret? That perfect family photo you saw on Facebook MOST likely involved at least one meltdown (possibly multiple). Kids will be kids and devoting a whole hour to behaving and smiling on command is not usually their idea of fun. I literally had a kid run away at full speed down a nature trail while screaming and losing his mind in the middle of a session recently (his parents are good friends of mine, so I'm allowed to tell this story, haha!). Rest assured knowing that I've seen worse than anything your kids may throw at me. We try our best to keep things relaxed, fun and try not to worry if your three year old decides today is the day she no longer wants to wear her shoes, or if your six year old thinks taking family photographs is the equivalent of being sent to timeout for half an hour. We will roll with the punches and ask that you try not to let the kiddos get you too worked up. ;)  

TRUST // My favorite clients? The ones that trust us. The ones that let us do what we do best. The ones that don't bring a list of things they've found on Pinterest to their sessions. The ones that let us take care of them. You have hired us to do the best that we can do but that can't happen without trust. Trust our vision, trust that we won't let you look dumb. I promise you won't regret it. :)